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Mannheim Steamroller Tour Dates

What advice do you have for new artists?Haha, maybe in 25 years. I was doing music so long, since I was a little kid, that it became the only obvious thing to do. Whoever buys these recordings that I've done are going to get an awful good education about what it's like to be a pop singer, because it's the good, the bad, and the ugly. By the way, its vinyl is a blue, see-through Teldec vinyl double album. What led you in the opposite direction from them? You also recorded the old C. So even when the guru leaves, the flock will continue the tradition.

Mannheim Steamroller Tour Dates

Fresh Aire--"aire" is the Italian word for "song. So even when the guru leaves, the flock will continue the tradition. She actually wanted me to do a film and act in it and I wanted to sing, I didn't want to act, I didn't even know whether I could act or not. Did that guide choices for you after that point? There's still at least four more cuts to do, but I think you'd get a kick out of the diversity of everything that she can do, from "Scarborough Fair" and "Greensleeves" to "Black Magic Woman," she's all over the map and she can do it. I don't mean to sound self-aggrandizing here but one of the most clever ones is called "Playa Bailena," which is about whales. Depends on how the crowd reacts. When I start looking at how much music I've recorded, it's amazing that I ever got out of the studio. Serendipitously, Tata was home, invited us in for tea and welcomed us like family. What were the studio adventures like? Trevor, Moon Taxi's album Daybreaker is coming. Secondly, play out and find your way into the conversation.

Mannheim Steamroller Tour Dates


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