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The Theory of Evolution is contrary to proven scientific truth.Over the entire human genome, that works out to roughly 30 errors every single time the genome replicates. These small steps of improvement continue for countless years until the individuals are changed to such a large extent that a new species has appeared. People who have already rejected God cannot reprogram themselves. Once you are registered in the system, you can start to look for love immediately. New fossil discoveries continue to prove evolution to be wrong. However, there is usually a last minute glitch and they will request you to send them a large amount of money without which the trip will be impossible. Their main problem is not the arguments for and against evolution and creation.

Top Ten Usa Dating Sites

The existence of birds literally destroys the theory of natural selection, sending the Theory of Evolution crashing like Tweety Bird below. They do not ask for money to buy the ticket or even for visa expenses… leading you to believe they are real. Dogs always give birth to dogs, etc. This is the reason a male from one species cannot mate successfully with a female of another species. The natural selection theory was proven to be a big lie. If the mutation theory were true they should be overjoyed at the thought that nuclear radiation could possibly create a three-eyed frog by mutation. Human pride prevents people from admitting they are wrong for their belief in Charles Darwin's evolutionary myth. The first wing stubs would be much too small for the bird to fly. This is definitely a scam because the police no matter which country will never request money to catch a criminal! Finding a few species with characteristics similar to two other species does not prove a link. They simply fill in the big gaps with make-believe creatures to fit the picture. There are more than missing progressiv in biology.

Top Ten Usa Dating Sites

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The theory of natural selection is wrong because it cannot create something in the DNA that wasn't there in the beginning. It has a head like an ape. Evolutionists, even doctors of biology, believe the mutation nonsense, but they have a hissy gesund at the thought that nuclear radiation could possibly cause a mutation. Darwin assumed transitional forms would be discovered in the fossil record over time, but that has not been the case. Click the picture to see an enlargement. Darwin developed the Tree of Life theory, claiming that some species were lower in the branches of the tree and evolved into the upper branches. For each proton, the motor turns once, adding a phosphate to adenosine di-phosphate and converting it to adenosine tri-phosphate, the universal fuel source of cells. This concept is based on the suggestion that those members of a species that are a little stronger, a little larger, or run a little faster will live longer to procreate offspring with these superior adaptations. That is a stretch of the imagination without any basis in science. They read scientific facts presented here, but the brainwashed brain is in lockdown mode, unable to replace nonsense with true scientific facts.

Top Ten Usa Dating Sites


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